• 2017-08-04

    Centrifugal casting is cheaper than forging?

We received the email from Iranian centrifugal casting company yesterday. It mentioned that many thanks for the suggestion regarding the replacement of forging by centrifugal casting.  
Few days ago, our VP of global business development got the email from this Iranian centrifugal casting company. This manufacturer told her he browsed the news "Taiwan’s Centrifugal Casting Manufacturer, LAWAI to Challenge the Position of Forging in the Industry” online, and he would like to know whether the flanges manufactured by centrifugal casting instead of forging will be cheaper?
She replied to him, “Based on our previous results, centrifugal casting has the potential to replace the forging.  However, it only can prove the mechanical properties of " material 17-4" pipe manufactured by centrifugal casting is almost equal to forging.  Therefore, I can't say " all grades" manufactured by centrifugal casting could show us the same strength. 
Back to your question, whether centrifugally cast flanges are able to replace the forged flanges?
It is possible.   But, we should consider what kind of material we use and the machining issues.  Also, the quantity is the key point to decide the final price.  There are too many variables that will affect the results.   Although the evidence has shown the mechanical properties of centrifugal casting is almost equal to forging, we still need to do the tests to prove that. “
Our VP of global business development, Ms. Tsai felt very glad that the manufacturer doing the same business with us has read our articles online and would like to exchange the experience in centrifugal casting.  It was her pleasure that she could share the views with the centrifugal casters around the world.  She mentioned the happiest thing is you are able to help someone when he/she needs your advices.  The value of fulfillment is not how much money you make is how happy you are today!