• 2018-03-21

    Special issues instead of the stuffs of centrifugal casting


In our daily meeting, we discussed about the special issues instead of the stuffs of centrifugal casting yesterday.

We interchanged the ideas regarding the purpose of life and the nature of the enterprise.


The purpose of life is a very general topic; however, it is what everyone is looking for in his/her whole life.  One of the colleagues at LAWAI said “My own purpose of life is how to be happy and feel peaceful at every moment and everyday.  This is why I’ve stayed at LAWAI for a decade.  I learned engineering when I was a student.  And I felt very satisfied that I got to apply in centrifugal casting that I’ve learned at school.  I really enjoy doing my job and learning the new things here.  I felt I am a valuable person.  The sense of value could not get through other jobs not related to centrifugal casting”

From his talk, we felt he was very passionate at his position. His happiness was generated from his daily life instead of the unrealistic thoughts.


Connecting the purpose of life to the nature of enterprise, happiness is the main factor of the nature of enterprise indeed.  When a team enjoys the life at the company, the environment will be filled with the positive energy.  That kind of the atmosphere will guide the company to the bright side.  The prosperity of the enterprise is going to be expected.


In the recent months, we attracted several potential customers for the inquires of centrifugal casting and requesting the factory tour. 

These “ good outcomes ” were attributed to the calm, peaceful and happy of everyone’s mind at LAWAI.


We believe the nature of a successful enterprise is not only the scale but also employers and employees' beautiful spirits.