• 2018-03-29

    Being a centrifugal caster not superman


In the recent months, we found several European customers looked for an Asian manufacturer which is able to produce centrifugal casting, sand casting and forging for them.  This made us realize that more customers would like to have a comprehensive partner to satisfy their demands.


Unfortunately, we are able to produce centrifugal castings only.  In the LAWAI’s culture, scale is not what we pursue.  Doing what we can do and doing the things well is our intention.  It doesn’t mean that we are not aggressive and ambitious.  It means we understand ourselves.   


Centrifugal casting is a complicated technology.  Both experience and knowledge are very important factors for manufacture.  One of the features of centrifugal casting is almost all materials are able to be cast by it.  But, we, the producer should understand the characteristics of different alloys well.

Stainless steel, heat resistant alloys, duplex, nickel based alloys are the main categories we are producing currently.  Those alloys have own persanalities.  In order to understand each alloy, it would take much time to manufacture them on trial until the quality reached the standard.  Therefore, we are only able to focus on one field – centrifugal casting.


A Taiwanese artist, Hugh K. S. Lee said “If you can perfect just one thing in your lifetime, your life is considered complete.”

So, our lives are approaching to complete because we are keeping on making our centrifugal casting perfect.