• 2018-04-23

    Insist the high quality & service of centrifugal casting


Din Tai Fung is the well-known Taiwanese restaurant and there are several branches in different places of the world. The president of Din Tai Fung, Mr. Yang was interviewed by a TV show and the talk was inspiring.

He mentioned that the quality and service were the most important things of Din Tai Fung and being the listed company was not what he would like to do.

During the short interview, we felt Mr. Yang was a real realistic man.  What he pursued was do one thing well.  Although the dishes were diverse, the flavor of each one was mixed by heart.


His philosophy was just like LAWAI.  We were only specialized in producing high-performance steel by centrifugal casting.  From past until today, we have kept on researching the centrifugal casting materials to meet the needs in different industries.  We would not sacrifice the quality of each centrifugal casting to speed up the manufacturing time.  Every client will be satisfied and feel worthwhile when receiving LAWAI’s products.  This is the only goal we would like to reach.


Everyone had his/her blueprint when being born.  One of the most important things in our blueprint was manufacture centrifugal casting well by the right method.

Perhaps the toughest way is to insist something good in this society?

If it is worthy, why not insist?