• 2018-08-15

    Each centrifugal casting speaks LAWAI team's psyche

“For us, everything has some levels of consciousness. Of course metals have their certain consciousness that is dull as compared to the highly differentiated human ability in many ways.  So, we say LAWAI works with them to create each centrifugal casting not use them.”

Above is the post we shared on our official facebook on Monday morning.


It’s very interesting to share our point of view regarding elements, alloys and centrifugal casting on this platform.

Some people doubted whether metals really have their own consciousness.  However, we forgot all were approved existence from scientists' hypotheses. 


What is the truth? What is not the truth? How to judge?

We, human beings used our five senses and our inventions to know this world.  If something we are not able to tell by our senses and the high techs, they are regarded as non-existence.

If metals had their own consciousness were true, we should think differently when using them as the materials.


Now we see the “ hypothesis-metals have their own consciousness” is the real thing.  We adopted this concept to manufacture our centrifugal casting. We found out each centrifugal casting not only performed itself but also spoke LAWAI team’s psyche.   We poured our thoughts and spirits into the liquid metals, they got those things and mixed them with their consciousness to form the centrifugal casting.

Therefore, each centrifugal casting was different from others even though we still could not differentiate by their appearances.


 What is the centrifugal casting with good quality? 

Our answer could be "Mechanical properties reach your standards and the chemical properties could perform the manufacturer’s and its positive psyche."