• 2018-09-06

    25% Cr of ASTM A532 - Abrasion-resistant cast iron produced by centrifugal casting


ASTM A532 is the abrasion-resistant cast irons including several classes and types.  Most customers needed ASTM A532 tubes or bushings or other parts by centrifugal casting for resisting gouging, grinding and scratching.


ASTM A532 Class III Type A called 25% Cr is the one inquired often in the past years and it is the most common high chrome white iron manufactured by centrifugal casting at LAWAI.

The above table is from Standard Specification for Abrasion-Resistant Cast Irons


Applications of 25% Cr produced by centrifugal casting

The applications of 25% Cr centrifugal casting are various since this alloy meets those requirements.  For example, the blow bars used in recycling-machine parts, the liners used in mining, pumps used in slurry, impellers…etc.


Corrosion resistance of 25% Cr produced by centrifugal casting

25% Cr centrifugal casting has the good resistance for the environment exposed to slurries.  However, the proportion of Cr should be increased if exposing to severe condition.


The availability of welding construction

25% Cr centrifugal casting is not suitable for welding construction due to its mechanical properties.


The possibility of machining

25% Cr centrifugal casting is able to be machined at LAWAI