• 2018-11-21

    Latest material developed - Bimetallic tubes by centrifugal casting

Latest material was developed – Bimetallic tubes or bimetallic blades manufactured by centrifugal casting 


Traditional high speed steel (HSS) is easy to be fractured due to the low toughness after heat treating to the max. hardness.

In order to improve the toughness, the steel would be heat treated to the lower hardness or we choose the material- brazed wc instead.

Or Steel is hardened by high-frequency induction method.


The latest material, bimetallic steel manufactured by centrifugal casting is able to replace the high speed steel since it could overcome the problems HSS has when heat treating to the max. hardness.


What is the bimetallic tubes produced by centrifugal casting?

The outer material is able to adapt SKD 11 or SKH 9.  The hardness before heat treatment could reach HRC 30.  After heat treatment, the hardness is able to get HRC 60.  Now the max. outer diameter we could produce is around 600mm by centrifugal casting technique. 


How about the inner material of bimetallic tubes produced by centrifugal casting?  We could use low and medium carbon steel or stainless steel.   The min. inner diamter is 35mm.



The application of bimetallic tubes by centrifugal casting?

They could be wear–resistant tubes or gear.


If you are interested in bimetallic tubes manufactured by centrifugal casting, please contact us for more details.