• 2019-06-23

    What is centrifugal casting – In our eyes

What is centrifugal casting?  There are a lot of information on google.

As a centrifugal casting manufacturer, how do we interpret centrifugal casting?

You might be interested.                                                       


Energetic atoms aggregate to form the defined element

  Each element interweaves to become the alloyed symphony

  Every alloy performs itself to become the beautiful work we see

It’s centrifugal casting


     Each alloy element has its own consciousness.

Based on different proportions, they combine together to become the sole alloy.

     Individual alloy is just like the human being that has its attitude, ability and style.

We understand different characteristics of those alloys and treat them in the proper way. 

    They work magically with rotation mold, high temperature, gravity and us to form the centrifugal casting. 

   The great work is completed by each essence does the best to perform itself and cooperate with each other perfectly.

    We hope every customer will feel the spirits of LAWAI -love and sincerity when using our centrifugal casting.