• 2019-08-20

    Ornamental stainless steel ball manufacturer – Transforming your idea to the real life


Our ornamental stainless ball manufactured by centrifugal casting is as a vase by host.  The flowers quite match the simple ornament. It shows the balanced beauty.


Centrifugal casting technique is not only suitable for being produced industrial products but also ornaments.  For example, ornamental stainless steel ball.

Stainless steel is one of the important materials for contemporary arts.

The appearance of stainless steel has the beautiful luster.  It matches the modern interior style- simple.  The stainless steel ornaments add more values to the living environment.

Ornamental stainless steel ball is one of the products able to be produced by centrifugal casting. It could be as the vase or ornament solely.


Closer look of our ornamental stainless steel ball


The features of ornamental stainless steel ball manufactured by LAWAI:

The features of ornamental stainless steel ball by centrifugal casting is

“the center is hollow”,

“the size is custom”,

“the sphere is quite round”,

“lots of materials are able to be cast.”


The material of ornamental stainless steel ball:

Stainless steel 304 and 316 are the basic materials for the interior ornaments.

However, the interior humidity and other conditions would affect the durability of ornaments.  In order to withstand different interior environment, we have other material selections- Higher grade stainless steel or special alloys.


4 reasons why cooperate with us for the ornamental stainless steel ball:

1.   Our material expertise.  Different stainless steel shows different characteristics.

       Based on your design ideas, we will give you the suggestion for  material selection to make the right decision.


2.     The delicate ornament should be made by special technique.

The ornamental stainless steel ball produced by centrifugal casting is without porosity and impurities.  Both inner and outer parts are good enough to show the beauty of stainless steel.


3.     Reasonable price of each ornamental stainless steel ball.

Centrifugal casting technique is good for manufacturing products with lower quantity. The exact metal amount is able to be controlled well before casting.

Thus, the cost might be lower than other casting methods.


4.     “Made in Taiwan” represents the high quality.

LAWAI is the centrifugal casting foundry in Taiwan.  We are able to communicate with the designers directly to understand the whole design concept.

Then, transforming the idea into the product.  

A high quality ornament represents hosts’ taste and lifestyle. Therefore, the product origin is quite important.



For designers and whom is reading this article:

If you are looking for the foundry able to work with you for production of ornamental stainless steel ball, LAWAI will be your good partner.  Our stainless steel ball will make your work brilliantly.


If you are interested in our ornamental stainless steel ball, please contact us directly. 

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