• 2019-11-12

    CA6NM stainless steel tube manufactured by centrifugal casting

(Take a look at the inside of centrifugal casting tube)



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CA6NM stainless steel tube was the material inquired often.  In 2018, one of our customers in mining industry has the needs of CA6NM stainless steel tubes manufactured by centrifugal casting. The dimension is around OD 76mm, ID 56mm and the long 1800mm.  That was a very good project for us.  The length is what we produce in the high frequency.  Therefore, we were very confident in producing those CA6NM stainless steel tubes at that time.

In this year, we just received the new project of the body of hydraulic accumulator.  The material of this one is also CA6NM stainless steel.  The customer purchased our cast CA6NM stainless steel tube back and did the welding construction and finish machining at their foundry in U.S.A.


Although we did not list CA6NM stainless steel on our material table of the website, however CA6NM stainless steel tubes become the important material at our foundry.  Therefore, we would like to do the brief introduction for you interested in this material here.


What are the characteristics of CA6NM stainless steel?

CA6NM stainless steel belongs to martensite stainless steel and it has the good corrosion resistance, high strength, good weldability and good impact strength at low temperature.

Comparing to 17-4PH stainless steel, CA6NM stainless steel has higher hardness and strength.


What are the main applications of CA6NM stainless steel manufactured by centrifugal casting?

CA6NM stainless steel tubes are used in mining and hydropower components.

CA6NM stainless steel rollers and hydraulic accumulators are the two items we produce now.


What is the range of the thickness of CA6NM stainless steel body of hydraulic accumulator?

The heavy wall of CA6NM stainless steel tubes are what we are working on.

The range is from 30 to 60 mm.


In addition to CA6NM stainless steel, what alloys are used for hydraulic accumulators?

316 stainless steel, CA15 and duplex ( similar to 2205) are the three able to use as the hydraulic accumulator materials.


In addition to CA6NM stainless steel tubes, what are the martensite stainless steel tubes that LAWAI is able to manufacture by centrifugal casting technique?

The 400 series stainless steel tubes we are able to manufacture by centrifugal casting is as follows.

CA15(AISI410) was also the popular alloy recently.  

Wrought grade     

AISI 410 stainless steel tube

AISI 416  stainless steel tube


AISI 420  stainless steel tube

AISI 420F  stainless steel tube

AISI 431  stainless steel tube

13-4, F6NM  stainless steel tube





CA15  stainless steel tube

416  stainless steel tube

CA40  stainless steel tube

CA40F  stainless steel tube

431  stainless steel tube

CA6NM  stainless steel tube

440A  stainless steel tube

440B  stainless steel tube

440C  stainless steel tube


1.4008 GX8CrNi13  stainless steel tube


1.4027 GX20Cr14  stainless steel tube


1.4059 GX22CrNi17  stainless steel tube

1.4313 GX5CrNi134  stainless steel tube





J91150  stainless steel tube

S41600   stainless steel tube

J91153  stainless steel tube

J91154  stainless steel tube

J91651  stainless steel tube

J91540  stainless steel tube





If you have the needs of CA6NM or martensite stainless steel tubes by centrifugal casting, please contact us directly.