• 2019-12-08

    HP-Mod tube – Manufactured by centrifugal casting



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On the way to provide higher class heat-resistant tubes to the petrochemical industry worldwide – HP-Mod tube (centrifugal casting)

Developing HP-Mod tube/ HP-Nb Mod tube manufactured by centrifugal casting is one of our goals in 2019.  HP-Mod is the heat-resistant alloy.  However, it is more suitable than common heat-resistant alloys such as HK40, HK and SS310 to be used as the material for reformer tubes.  The HP-Mod tubes perform longer stress- to- rupture life and the wall thickness of the tubes are able to be thinner. The thin wall thickness would increase the heat-transfer rate then save much energy cost.


The characteristics of HP-Mod tubes

The key feature of HP-Mod tubes is high creep resistance. Although the standards of creep resistance are different among petrochemical plants, the requirements of this mechanical property value is strict.

And lower proportion Nb is in HP-Mod alloy, this improves the ability to resist carbonization and strengthen the durability in the high temperature environment.


The applications of HP-Mod tubes produced by centrifugal casting

The HP-Mod tubes manufactured by centrifugal casting are for reformers and pyrolysis furnaces


Creep resistance of LAWAI’s HP-Mod tubes

HP-Mod tubes are developing at our foundry.  The dimension we are manufacturing in the trial production is O.D 63.5 mm x T6.4 mm x L3000 mm.  In order to make sure the creep resistance of our HP-Mod tubes are able to meet the general standards of petrochemical plants.  We did the comparison among the data of our tubes, Manaurite XM of MANOIR INDUSTRIES tubes.

In the graph below, it showed that our tubes are able to be compared with the tubes provided from MANIOR.  In order to prove the stability of our HP-Mod tubes, we will do further tests of creep resistance to ensure the strength is correct and reliable.


 Lason-Miller Plot of Manaurite-XM, LAWAI HP-Mod tube


P.S. The Larson-Miller approach is used to determine creep rupture time for any stress-temperature combination for a given material.