• 2020-06-05

    Heat-resistant steel – Centrifugal casting manufacturer


(This picture shows the heat-resistant steel manufactured by centrifugal casting at LAWAI)



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Heat-resistant steel is defined that the heat resistance is able to be over 650 degrees Celsius in the working environment.  Most people are more familiar with the welded seam tubes of heat-resistant steel in Taiwan.  However, few really know the heat-resistant steel manufactured by centrifugal casting technique.  This article would like to introduce the heat-resistant steel produced by centrifugal casting technique at LAWAI to whom would like to understand more or have the demands of heat-resistant steel.



Heat-resistant steel manufactured by centrifugal casting technique

Briefly, one-piece construction of centrifugal casting technique is the liquid metal poured to the mold and the mold is rotated by the high speed.  After the rapid solidification, the characteristics of heat-resistant tube of centrifugal casting are similar to forging.  In addition, we are also able to adjust the proportion of elements of centrifugally cast materials to have better performance than forging.

Internationally, the specification of heat-resistant steel belongs to casting not forging.  When mentioning heat-resistant steel by casting, it means the tubes are manufactured by centrifugal casting technique.



Heat-resistant steel manufactured by centrifugal casting is seamless

When it comes to seamless tubes, you might thick of rolling and extrusion.  These tubes are with the standard specifications and have the stocks normally.  

However, the heat-resistant steel produced by centrifugal casting is able to be “customized”, “seamless” and “non-porous”.   

For most customers, they have low-quantity demands like 10 pcs for one purchase.  After evaluating the durability, lifetime, price and other aspects, the heat-resistant steel manufactured by centrifugal casting is customer’s priority.



The applications of heat-resistant steel by centrifugal casting

The applications include the heat-resistant tubes of the equipment of heat treatment, regenerative thermal oxidizer and other equipment used in high temperature environment.

The heat-resistant steel produced at LAWAI was supplied to domestic and international heat-treating industry mainly.  Yet, the regenerative thermal oxidizer was changed the design parameters in the recent years.  In order to maintain the high recycling rate of heat when changing the external design, customers need the higher durability of heat-resistant tubes for transfering the heat.  Therefore, they chose our heat-resistant steel manufactured by centrifugal casting instead of 310 extruded tubes.


Heat-resistant steel by centrifugal casting at LAWAI



HD Heat-resistant steel


HE Heat-resistant steel


HF Heat-resistant steel


HH-2 Heat-resistant steel


HI Heat-resistant steel


HK Heat-resistant steel


HK-40 Heat-resistant steel


SCH11Heat-resistant steel

SCH17 Heat-resistant steel

SCH12 Heat-resistant steel

SCH13 Heat-resistant steel

SCH18 Heat-resistant steel

SCH21 Heat-resistant steel

SCH22 Heat-resistant steel




HL Heat-resistant steel


HN Heat-resistant steel


HP Heat-resistant steel


HT Heat-resistant steel


HU Heat-resistant steel


HW Heat-resistant steel


HX Heat-resistant steel


SCH23 Heat-resistant steel


SCH24 Heat-resistant steel

SCH15 Heat-resistant steel

SCH20 Heat-resistant steel