• 2020-12-14

    Radiant tube manufacturer


(Picture: HH2 radiant tube is going to be shipped to Japan)


Radiant tube produced by centrifugal casting

Most customers who purchased our radiant tubes had their own furnaces, therefore they had the demands of radiant tubes.  For them, the radiant tubes are regarded as the consumables.  However, the lifetime of radiant tube is much longer than seam tube when selecting the right heat-resistant alloy.

In the normal condition, a radiant tube manufactured by centrifugal casting is able to be used for several years.  Several customers are satisfied with our radiant tubes because the cost is reasonable and the durability is much higher than they expected.


Heat-resistant alloys are for radiant tubes

Customers often ask us why LAWAI developed different grades of heat-resistant alloys?  Why not just use SS310?

The reason is SS310 just belongs to stainless steel and it is “more heat-resistant” compared with other stainless steel.  However, heat-resistant alloys are able to perform well in the high temperature environment.

The heat-treating plants usually purchase our HU radiant tubes.  Our HU radiant tubes were supplied to local foundries, Southeast Asia, South America, Germany…etc.


Customized radiant tube

We have different molds for producing smaller to larger radiant tubes.  One of the advantages of centrifugal casting is to manufacture the radiant tubes that quite fit the size of customer’s furnace.  The min. thickness of radiant tube we are able to make is 4.5mm.  We recommend customers use thinner radiant tubes because the rate of heat-transfer is better.


Radiant tube is the core component of heat-treating equipment.  In order to have the excellent heat efficiency, purchasers would buy radiant tubes manufactured by centrifugal casting technique.

Radiant tube produced by centrifugal casting will perform the high heat-transfer, high durability, long lifetime and not deform easily when operating in high temperature environment.


If you have not heard radiant tube made by LAWAI, please contact us to know it better!


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