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    Centrifugal casting sleeves produced by LAWAI INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION


(centrifugal casting sleeves made in Taiwan)



Centrifugal casting sleeves produced by LAWAI INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION

LAWAI INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION manufactures centrifugal casting products in Taiwan and centrifugal casting sleeves is one of our top products.  Why lots of customers choose sleeves manufactured by centrifugal casting?  The main reason is that the products manufactured by centrifugal casting technique perform excellent mechanical and physical properties, and maintain good performance in the harsh environments.  Therefore, centrifugal casting products still dominate a place in the casting industry.


Our centrifugal casting sleeves are applied in power plants and the automobile industry mainly.  The materials we produced a lot are stainless steel 304, 316 and 316l.  Although these alloys are not special, the quality of products made by centrifual casting technique is much better than static casting. 

There are several applications of centrifugal casting sleeves based on different materials.  In order to supply centrifugal casting sleeves with correct materials for customers, we would discuss the details with customers in depth before they place the order. 


There are a lot of methods to produce stainless steel sleeves.  However, we recommend centrifugal casting technique for customers only because the advantages of centrifugal casting are irreplacceable.

Now we would like to introduce centrifugal casting technique briefly and the pros are listed as follows. 


What is centrifugal casting?

Centrifugal casting is an art that the molten metal is poured into the mold, the mold is rotated by the high speed and the liquid metal would solidify uniformly. The unique part of centrifugal casting is that the centrifugal force is generated when the mold is rotated by the high speed and the solidification in the same direction.  And these processes make centrifugal castings have two major advantages.  One is centrifugal casting is very pure and the other is centrifugal casting is with high strength. 


How centrifugal casting works?

In the beginning, we should select the appropriate mold and preheat the mold.  In the meantime, we also need to melt the alloy we choose.  Then, pouring the liquid metal into the mold that is rotated.  When the mold is rortated by the high speed and the centrifugal force would make the impurities flow into the inner diameter and the metal with higher density would be driven to the outer diameter.  When achieving the ideal thickness, we would not pour the liquid metal into the mold anymore.  Then, the mold would be processed into cooling status.  After the cooling , the tube would be pulled out and we do the machining on the inner diamter to remove the impurities. 

Once the casting is finished, the tube would be delivered to do the heat-treatment or finish machining. 


There are two types of centrifugal casting

One is vertical centrifugal casting and the other is horizontal centrifugal casting. 


1.     Vertical centrifugal casting

Vertical centrifugal casting machine is used to produce tubes with larger outer diameters and shorter lengths.  One of the advantages of vertical centrifugal casting is that it saves space for foundry and another pro is it is easy to place the complicated inserts into the mold.  It is good to produce flanges and other shorter cylindrical components.  


2.     Horizontal centrifugal casting

Horizontal centrifugal casting machine is used to produce longer tubes.  The production process is the same as vertical centrifugal casting.

The advantage of horizontal centrifugal casting is the lenth could be long, so it is very suitable for manufacturing seamless steel tubes.  However, the con is that the space of the foundry should be large.  And it is more difficult to repair the molds because those are much longer than the ones for vertical centrifugal casting machines. 


The applications of centrifugal casting 

Centrifugal castings are with the excellent mechanical properties and very fine structures.  Therefore, they are usually applied in the harsh environments. .

Several centrifugal casting components are used in the power plants, for example turbine components.  Some engine turbine parts of aerospace industry are also produced by centrifugal casting.  In addition, mining , automobile and petrochemical industries…etc also often use centrifugal casting products.



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