• 2015-03-27

    Radiant Tubes Application

The radiant tubes produced in LAWAI by centrifugal casting technique are used to solve the problems for the furnace operation in the heat treatment and steel industries.  

● The centrifugally cast radiant tubes are able to enhance the higher productivity 

● The centrifugally cast radiant tubes improve longer lifetime

● The centrifugally cast radiant tubes decrease the fees for maintenance 

● The centrifugally cast radiant tubes keep the stability of heating process


LAWAI is using the heat-resistant and special alloys to manufacture the radiant tubes.Our R&D team is continuing to research the new materials and resign the centrifugally cast radiant tube to satisfy the customer’s specific demand.  
Today, our radiant tubes are far superior to the conventional radiant tubes. The thickness of the radiant tubes is able to beonly 4mm.  This achievement can prevent from the oxidation, cracking and contamination present in the furnace and increase the efficiency for furnace operation.