• 2016-04-01

    Centrifugal casting advantages

During the centrifugal casting or spin casting, the solidification is managed directly under pressure from the outer diameter to inner diameter. The centrifugally cast products have the denser, closer grained structure with no porosity. 

The advantages of centrifugal casting or spin casting are as follows.

1. Longer Life
The products manufactured by centrifugal casting or spin casting have a longer life because of its dense and close-grained structure. This characteristic makes the products withstand higher stress and in the harsh environment. This also saves the users money because of the low maintenance rate.

2. Zero rejects
The impurities with low densities would be driven to the inner surface by centrifugal force.  And the impurities and trapped oxides are easily to be machined off.  Therefore, there is zaro rejects by centrifugal casting

3.Competitive price
In the centrifugal casting process, it would not cause the metal waste due to the manufacturing method. 

4. Short delivery time
For the custom centrifugal casting products, the mold is made in house and the preparation time is short.  The delivery time is able to meet customer’s expectation. 

5. Flexibility of alloy choices 
Various materials are able to be cast by centrifugal casting Thus, it it suitable for producing custom symmetric components.