• 2016-04-01

    What is centrifugal casting?

Centrifugal casting is also known as spin casting.  It is used for manufacturing hollow cylindrical pipes and components. 

The molten metal is poured in the mold rotated continuously at high speeds. 

During the solidification phase and centrifugal casting or spin casting process, the forces would be greater in the regions that are far away from the center of axis of the rotation.  The greater forces towards the rim would result in the regions of the metal casting close to the outer surface to have a higher density than that in the inner surface. The impurities would be driven to the inside surface due to most of them have the lower density than the metal itself and they are able to be machined off easily. The molten metal cools and solidifies on the mold face, it eliminates the air and gas being trapped and shrinkage defects.  

The centrifugal casting or spin casting can be performed in both vertical and horizontal methods.  Basically, smaller parts are manufactured by vertical centrifugal casting technique and longer components are produced by horizontal centrifugal casting method.  Rotation speeds and pouring rates are varied based on different materials.


1. Vertical centrifugal casting technique: Ring and cylinder type shapes

2. Horizontal centrifugal casting technique: Tubular shapes