• 2016-04-01

    Centrifugal casting vs static casting

Static casting is one of well-known conventional castings.  Comparing with centrifugal casting or spin casting, there are many limitations of static casting. The centrifugal casting advantages have been illustrated on the other article of FAQ.

The comparison – centrifugal casting vs static casting is shown as follows.



Centrifugal Casting

Static Casting

Provide Custom


Various materials can be cast by centrifugal casting.

There is the limitation of material selection by static casting.


Great quality?


The products are clean and pure because the solidification under the high speed rotation by centrifugal casting.

The surface is without the porosity by centrifugal casting.


The strength is high by centrifugal casting.


The grain structure is directed by centrifugal casting.

The impurities and blowholes would remain due to the solidification under the force of earth gravity by static casting.







The grain structure is undirected by static casting.


Possible for small order quantity?


Competitive price?

It is not suitable for small quantity production by static casting.


Cost advantage?

It’s more cost-effective by centrifugal casting.

It's cost-effective for “large” order quantity by static casting.