• 2016-04-01

    Using recycling stainless steel, good quality?

Many customers are concerned about whether the quality of recycled stainless steel products would be different from those made from the raw materials.

The answer is “No difference.”


Stainless steel is 100% recyclable.  The properties of metals would not degrade and change during the recycling.  Thus, we recycle the stainless steel scrap and make them into the ingots for our materials to produce new centrifugal castings.

1. The quality of recycled stainless steel products is equal to those made from raw materials.


2. LAWAI has the technique to remelt the recycling scrap to become recycled stainless steel products.



Why we insist on using recycled stainless steel scrap is we realize the alloying elements used in combination with steel are scarce and only available in some of the parts in this world.  If we do not use them properly, they will be depleted in the upcoming days.  Through extracting the scarce metals, the carbon dioxide would emit to the atmosphere.  This plays an important role in climate change.  In order to promote the industrial development, human beings have already destroyed the balance of the nature.  We ignore everything has its own consciousness in this beautiful planet.  Each person is not qualified to change the natural forms of all things no mater they are invisible.

1. Besides nickel and chromium, other major alloying elements used in combination with steel include; molybdenum, titanium, tungsten and vanadium are scarce.

2.  Extracting the metals produces much carbon dioxide that causes climate change.


LAWAI has manufactured stainless steel pipes and components since 1989.  We have a very strong connection with metals.  We understand the only way is to do the recycling to avoid the metals vanishing.  The essence of the centrifugal castings is from those metals.  Every metal has its own personality just like human beings.  Some are able to resist corrosion and others help resist wear.  To us, they are magical and energetic.  


We believe recycled stainless steel products are the trend, and more and more customers who have the environmental protection consciousness will love to purchase the products made by recycling way.