• 2016-04-13

    Decanter centrifuge components by centrifugal casting?

Recently, we have received several inquiries from the European decanter centrifuge manufacturers. Those decanter centrifuge manufacturers were surprised that we are able to provide those hollow and symmetrical components with the high-grade materials. 

The superior decanter centrifuge components are manufactured by centrifugal casting, high-grade stainless steel.  The centrifugally cast stainless steel components are able to avoid corrosion, contamination and high maintenance rate since centrifugal casting ensures the uniform grain structure, free defects and completely weld free finishing surface.  The features of decanter centrifuge components by centrifugal casting are high strength, high reliability and long service life. 
Materials of decanter centrifuge components:    
● Duplex steel
● Austenite
● Nickel-based alloys  

The principle of the decanter centrifuge is based on the theory of the gravitational separation to separate solids from liquids.  This process is expedited through the use of continuous rotation. The rotation force is much higher than the gravitational one, so the time for separation would be very fast.  Several industries need to use this technology to do the further water treatment or the liquid-solid mixtures separation. 
In 2014, there was an edible oil scandal in Taiwan.  From our point of view, the function of decanter centrifuges is not well known in the oil industry. 
Bread is the staff of life. The demands of food supply will increase largely through the population increase. In order to meet the large demands of drinks and food, the performance of decanter centrifuge components is more and more important undoubtedly.