• 2016-04-15

    Why choose Taiwan manufactured products?

After attending several trade fairs worldwide, the questions that customers like to ask .  “ Why your foundry is only in Taiwan not in China or Southern Asia.  ” If your foundry was in China, the cost would be lower then the price could be cheaper.”

Actually, the industrial structure and supply chain are pretty strong in Taiwan. Taiwan is famous as being the OEM of the international brands and it has been over 45 years.  Although some of the manufacturers did not establish own brands, they have very strong bases for manufacturing.

Also, Taiwan is a small island.  It’s very convenient for different manufacturers to cooperate together to accomplish the same project.  It’s fast to transport the goods among different companies to do the fabrication, weld construction…etc. Thus, Taiwan is a very nice place to operate the businesses and develop industries. 

LAWAI has not been OEM before. We’ve established our brand since 1989. Material and mold design, manufacturing, inspection through–train service is what the customers expect.  We are able to cooperate several excellent machine shops for highly challenging projects because of the close networking in this industry. 

At this stage, the value of LAWAI’s products is not able to be judged by price anymore.