• 2016-05-17

    LAWAI is the green manufacturer?

Our belief is the universe is abundant and there is a wise creator to design our world balanced. 

1.Human beings are just one of the parts in the nature

2.The success is to keep species diversity not conquer the environment 

3.Competition is not natural; cooperation is the only natural activity  


In the past, many companies followed the linear economic model to do the business. 

In this way, we’ve already produced much trash and that was not treated properly. The polluted environment was everywhere and more and more serious. 


What LAWAI does is for the greener “this moment ” instead of just the greener “ future.”  We use stainless steel only as our materials since it is 100% recyclable. We recycle the stainless steel scrap and reuse them to manufacture new products.

In addition, we are able to control how much melting metal would be used for each manufacturing process because we apply centrifugal casting technique. The materials would not be wasted. 


We believe the model of circular economy will bring us to Atlantis civilization. 
The wonderful world did not exist in the past; it is approaching to us actually.