• 2016-07-14

    LAWAI Pipes are made from upcycled materials?

In the past half-year, we have received lots of emails to ask how LAWAI did the circular economy in the industrial sector. We felt very surprised that there are still many people really concerned about sustainable issues around the world. 

LAWAI only manufactures components made from stainless steel and we understand one of the characteristics of stainless steel is 100% recyclable. 
We “upcycle” our stainless steel scraps and manufacture the new products with different shapes and compositions by those upcycled materials. 
We use the term upcycling instead of recycling to emphasize the value of stainless steel would not degrade when dismantling and using them again and again. 
According to the recent statistics, the top 1 country practicing recycling is Taiwan. 
Because of the long term recycling experience, many enterprises in Taiwan are dedicating to researching the upcycling stuffs including architectural, automotive sectors…etc. 
Practicing upcycling means we recognize we are the citizens of earth.  We keep and recreate the values of those resources!