• 2016-11-17

    What is the next step of centrifugal casting company?

From our point of view, the next step of centrifugal casting company should try hard to change the small aspects of the whole manufacturing process.

As the centrifugal casting pioneer in Taiwan, we’re always thinking about what we can do to make the society and us better.

We know the customers are tired of hearing the cliché regarding how to do the environmental protection.  LAWAI is also not that kind of company which just pays lip service without action.

In order to overcome the disadvantage of centrifugal casting technique - the consumption of electricity, we continued to adjust the melting liquid and manufacturing process during the past years.  As we expected, the electricity consumption went down gradually.

Not only focus on decreasing the power stuffs, we also deal with the cutting liquid thoroughly after usage since we acknowledged that the liquid could pollute the environemnt.


Why we are always able to find the solutions to solve the problems we confront is we've found our hearts.  We can see the blind spot of the global faith is human beings are the only creature with souls.  This is the key point to make the tragedies everywhere.  In fact, each species no matter it is plant or the animal has its unique consciousness and soul.  Those are embedded in our genes.  Therefore, our genes are not that simple as most people think.  We are not just who we are, we represent the image of whole earth.  Precisely, we are the working earth.


Our belief is far different from the religions and current science.  However, we’re still comfortable about ourselves and would like to hold all of your hands to move to the ideal world!