• 2016-12-05

    The industry 4.0 works well in centrifugal casting field?


Industry 4.0 originates from Germany and it is about the manufacturing automation which operates by cyber-physical system and cloud computing.

For us, we are not going to change the whole system.  We’ll combine the benefits of industry 4.0 with the traditional methods we use currently.


Some of our products are suitable for using the concept of industry 4.0.

For instance, centrifugally cast rings.  The rings we produce are high grade steel and are cut from the centrifugally cast sleeves then they would be machined depending on different demands.  When doing the mass production, it’ll not be efficient in the traditional way.  The cost will be high on human resources in the production line and the lead time will be always long. 

If we use the automatic robotic arms with the automatic machining system, the problem of time consumption will be solved.  We’ll deliver the goods for the customers in the short time and make sure each piece is perfect with the coherence with the codes we enter into the automatic system. 

However, it is not necessary to use the idea of industry 4.0 in the production of the common stainless steel with low quantity.  The lead time of centrifugal castings with low quantity has already been faster than other casting methods and it is always acceptable by customers.


We understand industry 4.0 is a very smart revolution.  It brings benefits in the industries which need labors to producing high-end products.  But, we still have many questions with regards to the practice in the centrifugal casting industry.

Is it really cost-saving when changing the manufacturing process to be automatic thoroughly? Whether there are some aspects that automation is not able to replace the workforce?