• 2018-04-25

    Material on trial - Alloy 800H


Alloy 800H is the material we are manufacturing on trial.  It is the Iron-Nickel-Chromium alloy used in the harsh and high-temperature environment. 

Alloy 800H is also one of the superalloys applied in the heat-treating and energy industries broadly since the lifetime of alloy 800H is longer than heat-resistant alloys.  In the long run, it would save much cost for repair.


In Taiwan, more and more customers had the great demands of the highly functional materials.  In the past, stainless steel -  309 and 310s have been used largely.  However, several clients reflected that the lifetime of both materials were short and they were not highly corrosion resistant.

Therefore, the demands of nickel-based alloys and other high performance alloys were increasing significantly.

Alloy 800H contains Iron of 39.5%, Nickel of 30-35%, Chromium of 19-23% and other elements.  Since Nickel acts as austenitic stabilizer, Alloy 800H has excellent creep resistance.


Nickel-based is the high grade alloy and they are one of the material categories LAWAI is able to produce by centrifugal casting technique.  We were glad that our customers had the needs of special alloys more than before and continued making progress in their industries.  This made us keep going on upgrading our material and manufacturing technique.


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