• 2018-12-25

    Merry Christmas and our 800H superalloy centrifugal casting


"Christmas is now and was yesterday and will be tomorrow. 
It is in you, in Buddha, in Pan, in Christ, in Mohammed, in an ant and in a frog, and in your eyes and with you, each of you. 
You are each, then, Christmas. You shine and glitter whether or not you know it. " Seth, in Jane Roberts' ESP Class, in 1972


First of all, we would like to say Merry Christmas to all of you who are reading the article.  Thank you for supporting LAWAI and being interested in our centrifugal casting products.


800H superalloy has been developed successfully at LAWAI in 2018.  This material, 800H has superior creep and rupture strength during extended high temperature exposure.  Since there were the needs of tubes applied in petrochemical industry of our local market, we spent few months developing and testing mechanical properties of 800H tubes manufactured by centrifugal casing.  We are the first centrifugal casting manufacturer which is developing 800H superalloy in Taiwan.


CSC produced 800H plate.

GMTC produced 800H bar.

LAWAI is manufacturing 800H centrifugally cast tube.


More and more local clients are looking for the similar or higher grade centrifugal casting materials.   They were happy to know we have the capability to work with them to do the trial production of those materials.  Once the superalloys are developed successfully at LAWAI, the local clients will be able to purchase the tubes directly from us not need to place the order from foreign manufacturers.  They’ll save much cost on solving technical problems because there is no time difference and the delivery time will be much shorter than before.


Our material expert, Dr. Bean-Jon Li just attended the RAISE activity held by Ministry of Science and Technology.  He introduced and displayed our 800H centrifugally cast ring to all interested in material development.

This is a good platform to share our experience in material research and learn the lessons from others.