• 2022-07-20

    Centrifugal casting is indispensable for aerospace, oil & gas and clean energy industries

Centrifugal casting is often applied in aerospace and oil & gas industries.  And it is related to clean energy industry gradually.  In this article, we would like to introduce our centrifugal casting components used in aerospace, oil & gas and clean energy industries. 

(centrifugal casting cartridge for drilling equipment in oil & gas industry)


Centrifugal casting applied in oil & gas and aerospace industries

ㄧ.) 17-4PH centrifugal casting used in oil & gas industry

Our 17-4PH(SUS630) centrifugal castings are mainly used in oil & gas industry.  Several customers felt curious about why our 17-4PH centrifugal casting meets the standards on ASTM A567. 

The reason is the chemical composition of our 17-4PH centrifugal castings is the same as forgings.   And we spent much time changing the casting parameters to make the mechanical properties of our 17-4PH centrifugal casting equal to ( better than) forgings. 

Our regular customer which is the top 3 oil & gas company in USA has audited our foundry and 17-4PH centrifugal casting before placing the orders.  And the products will be inspected by third party before delivery.  The strict requirement is the “ good stress” to make us to keep the quality of our 17-4PH centrifugal castings outstanding. 


The mechanical properties of our 17-4PH centrifugal casting meet the standards of the specifications below. 

ASTM A564  ASTM 17-4PH forging specification

ASTM A747 ASTM 17-4PH casting specification


. ) Why 17-4PH centrifugal casting is suitable for oil & gas industry 

The main reason is the oil wells are often below the sea level and this levels are with high pressures.  Therefore, the material for drilling equipment should be with the high strength, high hardness and moderate corrosion resistance.  And 17-4PH is the right one for drilling. 

In addition, 17-4PH is able to resist the corrosion from gases and other sulfide liquid including H2S, CO2 …etc that are in the environment of oil wells.


(17-4PH sparbeam bushings

.) Why 17-4PH centrifugal casting is good for aerospace industry 

Our 17-4PH centrifugal casting bushings are applied in the main structure of airplanes to support the wings because the material is with the high strength, hardness and good corrosion resistance. 

Our 17-4PH centrifugal casting meets the standards on AMS 5643 (The American aerospace specification for bar, wire and forging)


(centrifugally cast tubes for clean energy industry

Centrifugally cast tubes applied in clean energy industry

We are very interested in working with the companies in clean energy industry because it not only benefits the human beings but also is kind to this earth. 

In the recent years, some startup companies began to develop the environmental friendly power generators and portable chargers.  These key components of the machines are considered centrifugal castings.  The main reason is centrifugal casting is an environmental friendly material. The connetion between centrifugal casting and environmental protection is strong because of the production process. 

We produce centrifugal castings by circular economy model.  Our materials are able to be remelted no matter they are chips from machining or old components.  


Secondly, centrifugal casting is pretty durable. These clean energy manufacturers have the deamands of  the original components with long lifetime because low rate of the component replacement is more environmental friendly. 


Lastly, centrifugal casting is cost effective.  The dimensions and materials of tubes or the components of the clean energy equipment are unique.  It is not easy to find the suitable seamless tubes from forgings.   Therefore, centrifugal casting is the priority to produce the key components with the hollow forms because there is without the limitation of material and the dimensions are customized.


How to produce the electricity and emit zero greenhouse gases is the goal of the clean energy industry.  We are willing to cooperate with the companies that have the new ideas for this world.  We look forward to the chemistry between centrifugal casting and clean energy industry in the upcoming future!




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