• 2016-05-17

    3 R's in centrifugal casting manufacture ?

It's ironic that we claim each one should do the environmental protection in order to save earth. 

Why not cherish what we have and use those resources properly in the beginning or this moment?


As a manufacturer of centrifugally cast pipes, we understand we will not be able to manufacture the products without the materials. Therefore, we recycle, reuse and reduce the resources. 


Each centrifugally cast pipe of LAWAI would be marked the tracing number on the outside surface before packing. Thus, we are able to purchase our centrifugally cast tubes / components back from the customers when those are old enough to be replaced.

We remelt the used stainless steel pipes and components to make the ingots, then using them to produce other new products. The good cycle not only saves the cost, but also decreases the consumption of raw materials.