• 2017-04-10

    Invisible values of centrifugally cast tubes


In the recent months, we have received several inquiry emails from Europe. The customers mentioned that they were looking for some good sources in Asia which can supply them the centrifugally cast tubes with high quality and lower price.

But, comparing our offer with other suppliers’, they felt very disappointed due to higher price of the centrifugally cast tubes.


We’re very sorry to hear that kind of feedback always.   But, value should not be compared by price only.  

In this world, many people follow the rule “ seeing is believing.”  They do not really know what the invisible values are.  They regard invisible stuffs as non existence.  It's so pity the values of LAWAI have not been perceived by them. 


  • Our first invisible value is we are the pioneer for manufacturing centrifugal castings in Taiwan.  We only focus on developing and producing centrifugally cast tubes.  The accumulated experience for manufacturing centrifugally cast tubes is irreplaceable.


  • The second value is our centrifugally cast tubes and other components are all made in Taiwan.  We imported high-quality raw materials from Europe and USA and use those alloys to produce the products.  Several our employees have worked at our foundry for a decade. They dedicated their life to centrifugal casting sector.  Each piece is filled with their passionate spirits definitely.


  • The last one is regarding “ us .”  The sincerity is the Taiwanese's merit.  In addition to Hong Kong, Taiwan is the only country which uses the traditional Chinese as the mother language.  We have inherited real Chinese culture – honesty and sincerity.   We treat each customer as our close friend no matter their skin colors and religions.  Every offer they receive from us is very reasonable. 


Until now, we have not got any compliant emails or calls.  Perhaps it is another milestone we achieved.  

Hope more and more customers will have an opportunity to get to know LAWAI and enjoy working with us, also feel satisfied when using our high performance - centrifugally cast tubes.