• 2017-07-10

    Q&A - All about LAWAI's customized centrifugal casting


In this article, we would like to answer the questions regarding LAWAI’s customized centrifugal casting that several customers have asked us in first half of 2017.


QWho has ever purchased LAWAI’s customized centrifugal casting?

Ans: Most our customers are equipment manufacturers (Heat-treating service, petrochemical industries…etc) looking for some high performance or stainless steel pipes to replace their old ones or need some centrifugally cast components to install to their machines/equipment).

Each project was customized.   Some projects were complicated due to the chemical composition and machining requirements.  Others had special dimensions, so it would take more days to make the new molds.

In addition to the smaller cases, we still did several mass production of centrifugally cast pipes, rings and disc plates to our regular customers.


Q: How many grades of customized centrifugal casting is LAWAI able to make?

Ans: Our customized centrifugal casting is made of stainless steel 300 series, duplex, precipitation hardening, nickel based alloys, special irons, super alloys and cobalt alloys.  So far, we have been able to produced hundreds of alloys based on individual demands.  We are also able to design the special alloys depending on the usage and customer’s working environment.


Q: Is LAWAI able to supply forgings or only customized centrifugal casting?

Ans: It is unfortunate that we only produce customized centrifugal casting.

Currently, the mechanical properties of centrifugal casting are almost equal to forging. Our finding that centrifugal casting could challenge the position of forging has been reported on businesswire in 2016.’s-Centrifugal-Casting-Manufacturer-LAWAI-Challenge-Position.

Given the high cost of forging, more and more customers would be willing to purchase centrifugal castings since the price is lower and the strength is equal to forging.


Q: The drawing should be sent to the email address sales


Ans: Yes, the drawing is able to be sent to our official email-[email protected] or attach the files through our conatct form .

Our global business dept. will check the mailbox during the office hours everyday and forward customer’s demands to our enginnering dept. directly.

We will not disclose customer’s drawings and emails.  Only our VP of global business development is authorized to reply the emails and discuss the drawings of customized centrifugal casting with engineers.


Q: What is the dimension of customized centrifugal casting that LAWAI is able to manufacture?


For centrifugally cast tube: The max. length is around 4000 mm.

For centrifugally cast ring: The max diameter is around 600 mm.


Q: The lead time of customized centrifugal casting is long?


Ans: Depending on the mold availability, the lead time of customized centrifugal casting would be changed. 

If the mold is available and the project is without the machining, the lead time could be few weeks.


Q: Why the price of customized centrifugal casting is higher than expected?


The price of customized centrifugal casting is based on the quantity customer order, current prices of raw materials and our manufacturing cost. 

As the leading centrifugal casting manufacturer in Taiwan, we would not cut corners to make extra profits.