• 2017-07-24

    Q&A - Centrifugal casting is what I need?

Centrifugal casting is what I need?


There are still many people who are not familiar with centrifugal casting or do not quite know the differences between centrifugal casting and other casting methods.

In this month, we’ve received several inquiry emails regarding the castings applied in the oil and gas industry and seamless tubes of various dimensions.  Unfortunately, we are only specializing in centrifugal casting production and do not supply forgings and the seamless tubes.

We were surprised that the purchasers of some large-scale companies still did not have the idea about the advantages of centrifugal casting. Thus, the article is also the Q&A regarding the centrifugal casting.

We hope it is helpful for whom are interested in centrifugal casting and would like to learn more about it.



Q: Is centrifugal casing what you are looking for?


Ans: We can’t deny that centrifugal casting has some limitations.  The maximum length, thickness and diameter is based on the capabilities of different foundries.

But, the basic criteria of centrifugal casting is as follows.

1.     The component you need is cylindrical shape

2.     The component should be fine grain structure

3.     The component should be uniform grain structure

If your demands meet the three point listed above, the centrifugal casting could be the option for manufacturing your products.



Q: What are the typical components by centrifugal casting?


Ans: Tubes are manufactured by centrifugal casting directly.

Through machining, cutting process and fabrication, we can change the appearance, shapes, forms and lengths of the centrifugally cast tubes.

In addition to the centrifugally cast tubes, other components are produced by centrifugal casting very often. Those are as follows.

1.     Sleeves

2.     Bushings

3.     Rings

4.     Rolls



.Q: The mold cost of centrifugal casting?


Ans: The prices of some custom centrifugal castings are high because the mold costs are included in them.



Q: Why centrifugal casting is clean?


Ans: The high force of centrifugal casting process is able to isolate low density items including metal oxides, sulfides, gas, and other impurities in the casting bore area.  Those impurities are able to be machined away simply.



Q: Why centrifugal casting is without porosity?


Ans: Few mechanisms make the centrifugal casting without porosity and soundness compared to other casting methods.

1.     Solidification is under pressure and is directional

2.     The impurities float into the inner diameter



Q: Centrifugal casting is always superior?


Ans: It depends on foundry’s maturity, skills and experience.

Getting the good quality is not an easy job. Too many variables should take into account.  For instances, the speed of the mold, temperature, time ….etc.

Practice makes perfect.  A good foundry is trying again and again to get the great results instead doing based on the casting guide only.