• 2017-07-31

    Centrifugally cast pipe could be the ornament of home?

Centrifugally cast pipe could be the ornament of home?

The answer is YES!

The employees at LAWAI would like to share few pictures about centrifugally cast pipes around our daily lives. 


Could the centrifugally cast pipe be as the pen holder?

Yes, it's functional and beautiful both

Centrifugally cast pipe or centrifugally cast bushing as the pen holder produced by LAWAI INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION


The first picture was shared by our vice president of global business department.  We were surprised that pen holder at her desk of home was the bushing (centrifugally cast pipes cut to short pieces and machined on both inner and outer surfaces for the suitable usage).  As we know that she was the person who separated her work and life thoroughly.  However, she put one of the LAWAI’s products at her home.  It really triggered our curiosity.  Why she used the centrifugally cast bushing as her pen holder?


She replied, “ Sometimes I had no idea about how to promote our centrifugally cast products and what kind of news of LAWAI I could report to the media when I was at the office.  So, I spent time thinking the work stuffs when I went back home.  The centrifugally cast bushing was able to inspire me.  When I looked at its form and shape, many stuffs came up on my mind.  Suddenly, I realized what kind of things I could do and everything was completed smoothly.  I called this centrifugally cast bushing the magical stuff.  I also brought another centrifugally cast bushing from the office home and put it at my bed room as the mascara holder.  It seemed that my work and life was blended now.”


 Centrifugally cast pipe is the amazing ornament of home?

 Centrifugally cast pipe is not just the industrial material but it could be the ornament for home produced by LAWAI INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION


The above picture was one of the corner of our employee’s home.

He was addicted to the texture of rough centrifugally cast pipe as the ornament of his home currently.  He told us centrifugally cast pipe was the awesome decoration and the stainless steel pipes matched the style of his home so well.

“ I’ve never thought my company’s centrifugally case pipe would appear at my new apartment.   Few months ago, I chat with the chairman and told him that I moved to the new place.  I showed him several pictures of my apartment.  He thought the place was a bit empty.  Then, he told me maybe centrifugally cast pipe was a good ornament.  Then, I took his idea and brought the samples home.  No wonder the centrifugally cast pipes matched my home well.  The interior design of my apartment was pretty simple.  The shape of our centrifugally cast pipe was also simple.   I saw the homogenous beauty. “


We appreciate our employees shared their life pictures with us.  Although LAWAI’s centrifugally cast pipe was only applied in the industrial sectors now, we hope they will be used in other fields connecting with our lives in the near future.


Maybe centrifugally cast pipe is truly the good ornament of home for whom likes simplicity.



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