• 2019-06-12

    Radiant tube manufactured by centrifugal casting - The ideal heat-resistant product

The radiant tube is one of the heat-resistant products manufactured by centrifugal casting at LAWAI INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION

Radiant tube is one of the important heat-resistant castings suitable for being produced by centrifugal casting technique.


At LAWAI, we manufacture three types radiant tubes by centrifugal casting including straight, W type and U type radiant tubes.

Straight radiant tube is the one manufactured more often than the others.  The elbows of W and U type radiant tubes would be produced by sand casting. Then, welding with the straight radiant tubes.


So, what is the function of radiant tubes manufactured by centrifugal casting?

The main purpose is to do the heat transfer to the load via irradiation.

The burner would generate the fumes.  Then, they are conveyed via the radiant tubes.

The advantage of radiant tubes manufactured by centrifugal casting is the long lifetime. The stability and quality of radiant tube by centrifugal casting is not easy to be replaced.  Radiant tubes produced by centrifugal casting could be regarded as “ long lifetime consumptive product.”


Depending on different working environment, choosing the right alloy for radiant tube is quite important.  At LAWAI, we have comprehensive heat-resistant alloys for centrifugal casting manufacture.

HK-40 is the one that we manufacture in high frequency.  HF and HH are the other two we also produce regularly.  


Which alloy for radiant tube by centrifugal casting is good for your case? It should be based on your service environment, temperature and the dimension of the radiant tube.


Heat-resistant alloys are quite different from common stainless steel.  Sometimes, customers will get troubles when using stainless steel tubes for heat transfer.  The lifetime of the tubes is very short.  Obviously, the common stainless steel is not suitable for high temperature usage.  The oxidation resistance is not the same as heat-resistant alloys.


In the normal condition, the lifetime of radiant tubes produced by centrifugal casing is longer than your expectation.  When choosing the right heat-resistant alloy and manufacture by experienced centrifugal casting manufacturer, the radiant tubes should be high quality and high durability.


If you have more questions regarding material selection of heat-resistant alloys, we’ll be glad to discuss with you. 


Radiant tubes manufactured by centrifugal casting at LAWAI will be your best choice!


If you have the demands of our radiant tubes, please contact us. Thank you.



HD radiant tube

HE radiant tube

HF radiant tube

HH-2 radiant tube

HI radiant tube

HK radiant tube


SCH11 radiant tube

SCH17 radiant tube

SCH12 radiant tube

SCH13 radiant tube

SCH18 radiant tube

SCH21 radiant tube



HK-40 radiant tube

HL radiant tube

HN radiant tube

HP radiant tube

HT radiant tube

HU radiant tube


SCH22 radiant tube

SCH23 radiant tube


SCH24 radiant tube

SCH15 radiant tube

SCH20 radiant tube



HW radiant tube

HX radiant tube





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