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Casting tube manufactured by centrifugal casting technique


Casting tube produced by centrifugal casting technique

When you hear centrifugal casting, you might have several questions in your mind.

You know the words – centrifugal and casting, however two words combined together to be centrifugal casting is confusing.


Casting tube by centrifugal casting is equivalent to or better than forging

Casting tube is much stronger than your expectation

Centrifugal casting is one of the casting methods.  This casting tube of the fine microstructure is formed from the high speed rotation and the directional solidification.  The non-pores feature of the casting tube is far better than the tube manufactured by conventional casting way.  Through the deep understanding, researching and testing of centrifugal casting technique, the strength of casting tube is able to be compared with forged tube.  For some materials, the casting tube manufactured by centrifugal casting is equivalent to or better than forged tube. For example, heat-resistant alloys.

This is the good news for whom is looking for the seamless, non-porous and hollow tubes. 


Looking for seamless and hollow tubes?

You might consider casting tube by centrifugal casting

If you need the customized seamless tube, the casting tube manufactured by centrifugal casting is able to be taken into account.  

Common seamless tube manufacturer only produces few materials and the standard dimensions, however many materials are able to be cast by centrifugal casting.

For us, stainless steel is our main material. However, we also produce heat-resistant alloys, Nickel-based alloys, Ni-resist alloys, 17-4PH and duplex steel. 

Our casting tube is able to be one of the materials above.


The limitation of casting tube by centrifugal casting

The dimension is the main limitation of the casting tube.

Based on our current capability, the diameter of casting tube we could make is from 50~600 mm currently.  And the min. thickness we do is 4.5 mm.  The max. length is around 4000 mm.


In order to make the length of casting tube longer, we are trying to combine the pulling technology with our centrifugal casting.  We are doing the trial production of the Inconel 800 superalloy now and going to use the pulling technology to make the catalyst tubes applied in the petrochemical plant.



Decanter component produced by centrifugal casting technique at LAWAI INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION

Casting tube by centrifugal casting plays the key roles in the decanter centrifuges

Casting tube is truly connected to our daily lives

Decanter centrifuges are the core equipment in olive/avocado oil and vegetable oil extraction.  They are also the main facility to process animal fats and fish oils.  Furthermore, decanter centrifuges are the important machines to deal with the waste oil and grease of our daily lives.  The casting tube manufactured by centrifugal casting is the significant component of the high-tech products.

The bowl cylinder and bowl hub are the well-known items that are made by centrifugal casting technique.  The material of the two items are SS 316, SS316L and duplex 2205.

It is no doubt the high quality oils and clean water should be made and refined by the high class decanter centrifuges.  Thus, the superior components of decanter centrifuges are quite important.  Casting tube is able to be machined to the shape that fits the decanter centrifuges.  When we thick of decanter centrifuges, it is our pleasure that our casting tubes are the important components of that.  

We really participate in everyone’s daily life and feel glad we make our environment more convenient and cleaner.



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