• 2021-07-08

    Heat-resistant tube by centrifugal casting – Begin with KHR

 KHR35H heat-resistant tubes by centrifugal casting manufactured at LAWAI INDUSTRIAL CORP.

(They are KHR35H heat-resistant tubes manufactured by centrifugal casting


Recently, several customers inquired our heat-resistant tubes manufactured by centrifugal casting technique.  The material data they sent us begins with KHR instead of H or SCH.

The heat-resistant materials that begin with KHR are the Kubota’s alloys. (Kunota is the well-known centrifugal casting manufacturer)


Forty years ago, lots of customers in the petrochemical and heat-treatment industries imported the heat-resistant tubes by centrifugal casting from Kubota.

Those heat-resistant tubes are the small parts of the equipment.  When the tubes are worn and broken, the customers just purchase the new heat-resistant tubes to replace them.  And the equipment could operate well as the new one. Unfortunately, the prices of heat-resistant tubes manufactured by centrifugal casting at Kubota are quite high if customers only have small demands.

Through the recommendation from friends or searching via internet, those customers contacted us and told us their demands of heat-resistant tubes by centrifugal casting.  Some of the Kubota’s heat-resistant alloys are similar to the common heat-resistant materials. For example, KHR35H is the type of HP steel.

The picture shows that the KHR35H heat-resistant tubes that the customer ordered from us.  The outer and inner diameters are around 200 mm and the length is around 2,000 mm that is the usual size we produce.



The heat-resistant alloys of Kubota are as follows.


Heat-resistant tube


Heat-resistant tube


Heat-resistant tube


Heat-resistant tube


Heat-resistant tube


 Heat-resistant tube


 Heat-resistant tube


Heat-resistant tube


Heat-resistant tube


Customization and designing the proper composition of alloys are our strong suit.  It is our pleasure to provide the best solutions to our customers.  If you have the demands of the heat-resistant tubes beginning with KHR, please do not hesitate to contact us.  We will assist you to complete each project!



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