• 2019-06-03

    Superalloy tube by centrifugal casting - YOUR ALTERNATIVE CHOICE

Superalloy is not the common metal material.  It only will be used for some specific applications including aero, petrochemical, nuclear industries…etc.  Superalloy is the high grade material to resist creep in the high temperature.

Nowadays, superalloy is mainly produced in USA and Europe since the production process of superalloy is complicated.

In Taiwan, China Steel Corporation (CSC) has developed sheets of superalloy successfully. For example, 800H superalloy.


In order to struggle for the cooperation with the local and international steel companies, LAWAI has started to do the trail production of 800H superalloy by centrifugal casting in 2018.


The grain size of our 800H superalloy by centrifugal casting is shown below.

(Horizontal grain size is around 200 μm x50)

The Microstructure of 800H superalloy tube produced by centrifugal casting at LAWAI INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION  The Microstructure of superalloy tube produced by centrifugal casting at LAWAI INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION


LAWAI INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION has the capacity to produce 800H superalloy tubes in Taiwan



The production of 800H superalloy successfully by centrifugal casting is one of the milestones for us in 2018.

Superalloy is not like common stainless steel.  To achieve the international standard, there are more parameters that should be taken into account when doing the production.  As we know that we are the only centrifugal casting factory able to produce custom products of special alloys in Taiwan.


To follow the steps of international centrifugal casting manufacturers, more alloys of superalloy category will be developed by centrifugal casting this year.  We are going to supply more comprehensive superalloy for customers in the upcoming days.  Please look forward to it !