• 2019-06-14

    Alloys used at our centrifugal casting foundry

The stainless steel tubes manufactured at centrifugal casting foundry, LAWAI INDUSTRIAL CORPORATIONThe stainless steel rings manufactured at centrifugal casting foundry, LAWAI INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION

Stainless steel and special alloys are the main materials for producing tubes, bushings and rings at our centrifugal casting foundry.

Basically, metal materials are iron and steel & non-ferrous metal.  At our centrifugal casting foundry, we only focus on developing high alloy steel and few iron components by centrifugal casting.

Iron & steel

When the steel contains carbon lower than 2 wt% and the elements larger than 5 wt%, they are regarded as high alloy steel.  And high alloy steel includes stainless steel and high speed steel. They are both manufactured at our centrifugal casting foundry.


300 series & duplex stainless steel

300 series stainless steel are the common material for centrifugal casting manufacture.  For example, 304 and 316.  Duplex and 17-4PH are other stainless steel manufactured often by centrifugal casting at LAWAI.  Duplex is the stainless steel that contains over 20 wt% chromium usually.  And the name is from the structure of the combination of austenite and ferrite. This forms the area of a+r.

Because of this special structure, the strength of duplex is much higher than austenite stainless steel (Ex: 300 series stainless steel).  The corrosion resistance of duplex stainless steel is also higher than 300 series stainless steel.  The application of duplex centrifugal castings is very broad and it is usually used to resist stress corrosion.


17-4PH stainless steel

17-4PH belongs to Fe-Cr-Ni series stainless steel and it is also very popular at centrifugal casting foundry.

By precipitation hardening process, the strength is elevated much.  In aero and high-tech industries, 17-4PH stainless steel components produced by centrifugal casting are applied in several aspects.

In addition, 17-4PH centrifugal castings have been used largely in oil & gas industry recently.  A big portion of 17-4PH tubes by centrifugal casting at LAWAI are exported to the countries for oil gas production.


Ni-resist 1

Regarding cast iron at our centrifugal casting foundry, Ni-resist 1 is the material we produce in regular.  Ni-resist 1 is the material of alfin rings manufactured by centrifugal casting for diesel engine pistons.  One of the famous piston manufacturers in Taiwan has used our alfin rings for several years.  The stable quality of alifn rings manufactured by centrifugal casting is the key to keep the business relationship.

The excellent wear resistance and moderate corrosion resistance of Ni-resist 1 is also suitable for being used for oil gas production.


Heat-resistant alloys

Heat-resistant alloys are the materials for radiant tubes at centrifugal casting foundry.  In high temperature that is usually over 1000 degree Celsius, common stainless steel is not able to withstand.   Heat-resistant alloys are designed for high temperature environment.  Using centrifugal casting technique to manufacture heat-resistant tubes and rollers is the very good decision. The durability and lifetime of the centrifugally cast tubes or rollers are quite long.  Therefore, it saves much cost for maintenance and parts replacement.     



Superalloy is also good for high temperature application.  It is designed for the components to resist creep in high stress and high temperature environment specially.

Superalloy produced at centrifugal casting foundry is more common in developed countries because the foundry shoud equip with high technique for the proudction.   Also, superalloy belongs to special alloy category.  They are applied in specific industries only.  For example, petrochemical industry.


For LAWAI, we are on the way to be a successful centrifugal casting foundry.  We believe material expertise is an important asset for a centrifugal casting foundry.

 Therefore, we are continuing doing the tests and research on alloy development.   Making the changes of parameters to get the better mechanical properties of centrifugal casting materials.


In the upcoming days, you will see stronger LAWAI to serve you the best centrifugal castings.        


If you have the demands of our centrifugal castings, please contact us. Thank you.


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