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    Taiwan seamless tube manufacturer

 The larger diameter seamless tubes are good for being produced by centrifugal casting technique at LAWAI INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION in Taiwan

(seamless tubes manufactured by centrifugal casting)


Seamless tubes made in Taiwan

Most people know the seamless tubes are formed by extrusion, however our seamless tubes are manufactured by centrifugal casting technique.

Due to the huge investment for making extruded seamless tubes, it is not suitable for developing the big scale mills in Taiwan.  Therefore, the mainstream is to import seamless tubes from the nearby countries. 


The common material of seamless tubes with small diameters (smaller than 50 mm) is SS 304.  However, it is difficult to purchase seamless tubes with larger diameters in Taiwan even the common stainless steel.

Until today, it is still import the larger diameter extruded seamless tubes with special heat-resistant materials to replace the old ones in most petrochemical plants in Taiwan before they know centrifugal casting is an alternative way. 


Using centrifugal casting technique to prdoce the seamless tubes are without the limitations of materials and dimensions are customized.

We are able to manufacture both smaller and larger diameter seamless tubes including common stainless steel (For example, 304, 316 …etc),  heat-resistant alloys (HK, HP…etc) and superalloys.


Heat-resistant seamless tubes manufactured in Taiwan

There are the large demands of heat-resistant seamless tubes in developed countries for the petrochemical, oil & gas, nuclear and offshore industries. The main requirements in these industries are larger diameter seamless tubes.  So, using centrifugal casting technique to produce large diameter seamless tubes are very common in foreign countries because extruding method is not suitable for producing seamless tubes with larger diameters. 


LAWAI has manufactured heat-resistant seamless tubes by centrifugal casting for a quite long time.  The seamless tubes are supplied to both heat-treatment and petrochemical plants.  HK 40, HH, HP, HP MOD …etc are the common heat-resistant materials we produce often.

Through the industrial upgrade of the petrochemical plants, we have developed the superalloy seamless tubes for higher requirements to resist creep.


 Incoloy 800H tubes are the seamless tubes produced by centrifugal casting technique at LAWAI INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION

Superalloy Incoloy 800H seamless tubes

For superalloy seamless tubes, LAWAI is the only company in Taiwan producing them by centrifugal casting. 

Incoloy 800H seamless tube is one of the superalloy seamless tubes we developed successfully.  The Incoloy 800H seamless tubes are applied in reformers of petrochemical plants in Taiwan.  For the local petrochemical plants, purchasing our superalloy seamless tubes by centrifugal casting will save costs of import and stock. 

In order to supply more comprehensive superalloy tubes to our international and local customers, we are planning to develop more superalloys by centrifugal casting step by step.

We hope our superalloy seamless tubes manufactured by centrifugal casting will be top centrifugally cast products made by us!


The seamless tubes manufactured by centrifugal casting we are able to provide are as follows.


300 series stainless steel seamless tubemanufactured by centrifugal casting technique

AISI spec.

ACI spec.

EN/DIN spec.

304  seamless tube

CF8  seamless tube

1.4308   seamless tube

304L  seamless tube

CF3  seamless tube

1.4306 seamless tube

316  seamless tube

CF8M seamless tube

1.4408 seamless tube

316L  seamless tube

CF3M seamless tube

1.4404/1.4409  seamless tube

310S seamless tube

CK20  seamless tube


347  seamless tube

CF8C seamless tube

1.4552  seamless tube

317  seamless tube

CG8M  seamless tube

1.4408  seamless tube

317L  seamless tube

CG3M  seamless tube


Nitronic 60  seamless tube

CF10SMNN  seamless tube


Nitronic 50 seamless tube

CG6MMN  seamless tube


20Cb3 seamless tube

CN7M  seamless tube


309 seamless tube

CH20  seamless tube


CE20N seamless tube

CD20N  seamless tube



Nitronic 33 seamless tube



Nitronic 40  seamless tube



CN7MS  seamless tube


AL6XN seamless tube

CN3MN seamless tube


254SMO, F44  seamless tube

CK3MCuN seamless tube



 400 series stainless steel seamless tubemanufactured by centrifugal casting technique

AISI spec.

ACI spec.

EN/DIN spec.

410 seamless tube

CA15  seamless tube

1.4008 seamless tube

416 seamless tube

416  seamless tube


420 seamless tube

CA40  seamless tube

1.4027  seamless tube

420F seamless tube

CA40F seamless tube


431 seamless tube

431  seamless tube

1.4059 seamless tube

13-4 seamless tube, F6NM  seamless tube

CA6NM  seamless tube

1.4313  seamless tube


440A seamless tube



440B  seamless tube



Duplex stainless steel seamless tubemanufactured by centrifugal casting technique

Wrought grade

ACI spec.

EN/DIN spec.


CD4MCu seamless tube


2205 seamless tubeF51 seamless tube

CD3MN seamless tube

1.4470 seamless tube

Ferralium255 seamless tube

CD7MCuN seamless tube



CD4MCuN seamless tube



DPX-1B MOD seamless tube


2507 seamless tube, F53 seamless tube

CE3MN seamless tube

1.4469 seamless tube


CE8MN seamless tube



CD3MWCuN seamless tube



Precipitation hardening seamless tubemanufactured by centrifugal casting technique

Wrought grade

ACI spec.

EN/DIN spec.

17-4PH seamless tube

CB7Cu-1 seamless tube

1.4542 seamless tube

15-5PH seamless tube

CB7Cu-2 seamless tube



Heat-resistant seamless tubemanufactured by centrifugal casting technique

                      ACI spec. 

JIS spec.

HD seamless tube

SCH11 seamless tube

HE seamless tube

SCH17 seamless tube

HF seamless tube

SCH12 seamless tube

HH seamless tube

SCH13 seamless tube

HI seamless tube

SCH18 seamless tube

HK seamless tube

SCH21 seamless tube

HK-40 seamless tube

SCH22 seamless tube

HL seamless tube

SCH23 seamless tube

HN seamless tube


HP seamless tube

SCH24 seamless tube

HT seamless tube

SCH15 seamless tube

HU seamless tube

SCH20 seamless tube

HW seamless tube


 HX seamless tube





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