• 2021-09-24

    SS 316 hollow bar manufactured by centrifugal casting

316 hollow bars are able to be produced by centrifugal casting technique in different dimensions at LAWAI INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION in Taiwan in Asia

 Stainless steel 316 hollow bar manufactured by centrifugal casting at LAWAI INDUSTRIAL CORP.

 (The pictures shows the SS 316 hollow bars used as the sleeves of CWP)


The basic stainless steel material – SS 316 hollow bar

SS 316 hollow bar manufactured by centrifugal casting is one of the popular items at LAWAI.  SS 316 is a very common and basic material in the stainless steel field. However,  SS 316 is regarded as a special material once it is produced by centrifugal casting.  Why is it special ?  Because it must be hollow and seamless. The sizes of the hollow bars are able to be customized and low order quantity is possible and suitable for being manufactured by centrifugal casting technique. 



SS 316 hollow bar named differently by applications 

Based on different applications, SS 316 hollow bar is named differently. It could be named SS 316 sleeve or shaft liner.  If the environment is full of moisture or in the wet condition,  SS 316 hollow bar is the material that should be considered first. 



SS 316 hollow bar applied in thermal power plant 

Recently, one of the projects we have done is SS 316 hollow bars are as the housings of the circulating water pumps used in the thermal power plant. The customer placed the order for various dimensions of SS 316 hollow bars but lower quantities for each one.  The production of the custom products with lower quantities is only able to be made by centrifugal casting technique. The flexibility of centrifugal casting is able to meet the customer’s expectation of best price and shorter lead time. ‘



SS 316 hollow bars are seamless produced by centrifugal casting

Seamless stainless steel hollow bars are not only able to be manufactured by forging. Seamless type is also the key characteristic of the hollow bars produced by centrifugal casting technique.  If you have the high requirements of mechanical properties of hollow bars, centrifugally cast hollow bars are what you want undoubtedly. 



The top 5 hollow bars we produce by centrifugal casting are as follows.


SS 316 hollow bar/

1.4408 hollow bar

SS 316L hollow bar/

1.4404 hollow bar/ 1.4409 hollow bar 

SS 304 hollow bar/ 1.4308 hollow bar

17-4PH hollow bar/1.4542 hollow bar

Ni-resist 1 hollow bar






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