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    Taiwan quality radiant tubes are your priority - radiant tube manufacturer

LAWAI INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION is the radiant tube manufacturer specialized in centrifugal casting technique in Taiwan

The high quality radiant tubes that are produced by centrifugal casting and out of China are produced at LAWAI INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION


Radiant tubes manufactured by centrifugal casting at LAWAI in Taiwan

Are you looking for the radiant tubes for the electrically heated furnaces or other furnaces? 

If yes, your are on the right landing page. Our radiant tubes manufactured by centrifugal casting are mainly supplied to the manufacturers which are specialized in producing electrically heated furnaces or the plants which are doing the metal heat treatment, food processing and glass manufacturing. The radiant tubes are not only used for the heated furnaces but also the melting and holding furnaces.  Radiant tubes are used broadly in different industrial applications.

LAWAI INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION is the only one which is specialized in the production of radiant tubes by centrifugal casting in Taiwan


Have you ever used the radiant tubes produced by centrifugal casting?

Several customers told us the radiant tubes they used to use were easily bended and broken in a short time.  Therefore, they needed to replace the used radiant tubes often. 

However, they saved much cost when they purchased LAWAI’s radiant tubes because the lifetime and durability of LAWAI’s radiant tubes produced by centrifugal casting are quite long and strong.  The regular customers purchased a batch of radiant tubes once for several years. The feedback is always high quality and longevity of our radiant tubes. 


You might ask why LAWAI’s radiant tubes are better?

The reasons are manufacturing technique and the right materials. 

Regarding the manufacturing method-

Our radiant tubes are manufactured by centrifugal casting technique.  The radiant tubes made by this technique are one-piece construction.  Each manufacturing step must be controlled by labors.  The delicate  tubes are seamless with fine grain structures. Therefore, the mechanical properties of the radiant tubes always meet the international standards that makes the end users impressed. 


Regarding the material selections:

The materials for radiant tubes are heat-resistant alloys. The carbon content of heat-resistant alloys is different from stainless steel. And the chemical composition of heat-resistant alloys was designed for castings that could perform the stability for the long time in the high temperature environment.  

If the tubes you used were bended and broken easily, it's the high possibility that you purchased the wrong tubes.   For examples, you used the stainless steel 310 tubes or you used the cheaper seam tubes  for the furnaces. 



Heat-resistant alloys are for the radiant tubes

Stainless steel 310 tubes are used often for the furnaces.  However, the strength is not good enough compared with heat-resistant alloys such as HK40. 

In order to make the furnaces run stably in the long period time, you should select the heat-resistant alloys by centrifugal casting for the priority.  The related specification is ASTM A297.  The features and mechanical properties of heat-resistant alloys are listed for the reference including HK, HU, HH, HF…etc. 

Heat-resistant alloys for radiant tubes



Customization for radiant tubes is the advantage of centrifugal casting

We have different molds for producing smaller to larger radiant tubes.  One of the advantages of centrifugal casting is to manufacture the radiant tubes that quite fit the size of customer’s furnaces.  The min. thickness of radiant tube we are able to make is around 4.5 mm.  The efficiency of heat-transfer is based on the thickness of tubes. 


Radiant tubes are the key for the furnaces.  In order to save the costs of operation and spare parts,  the radiant tubes produced at LAWAI is your top one.  

We produce and sell our radiant tubes by ourselves and we  communicate with customers directly to understand what you concern. 

LAWAI is the centrifugal casting foundry over 30 years in Taiwan your trustful partner for providing the value -added radiant tubes. 





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