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    Taiwan quality radiant tubes of furnaces for replacement or new heat equipment

LAWAI INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION is the centrifugal casting foundry manufacturing Taiwan quality radiant tubes for furnaces


LAWAI INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION is specialized in producing Taiwan quality radiant tubes for replacement or heat equipment



This is the right page for you looking for the replacement radiant tubes for furnaces or the radiant tubes for the new heat equipment.  Before sending the inquiry email, I believe you have lots of questions regarding the origin of country, the lifespan, cost of the radiant tubes we manufacture…etc.  Therefore, I would like to introduce our radiant tubes of furnaces for replacement or new design here. 

For the first question you might have is the origin of country of the radiant tubes for replacement or for new equipment. 

I believe the title of the article might be one of the reasons you are browsing this page.  Taiwan quality is still very attracting.  Most regular customers purchased our radiant tubes for replacement because the origin of country is important for them.  The reputation of Taiwanese products is reliable and trustful.  Thus, they worked with us for several years. 

And another key reason is we have the ability to communicate with international customers.  We do not need to talk to customers via the third person. We are able to understand what problems customers have and provide the “ right” solutions for them immediately. 

We have ever sold our radiant tubes through the trading companies, however it made several misunderstandings. 

Therefore, the win-win way is we manufacture and sell our radiant tubes for replacement or other applications by ourselves.  We supply the right radiant tubes with “ reasonable prices” for each customer we concern. 


LAWAI INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION manufactures Taiwan quality radiant tubes for furnaces


For the second question- The lifespan of the radiant tubes LAWAI produces.

More than 5 years is the average lifespan of our radiant tubes.  I know “ really ?” is on your mind now.  The radiant tubes we manufacture is by centrifugal casting technique. 

Centrifugal casting is a special technique that there is no material limitation.  Therefore, there are lots of heat-resistant alloys designed for centrifugal casting because of the cost benefits compared with wrought materials. 

In Taiwan, still many customers used stainless steel for their heat-treatment service.  In a long run, the radiant tubes would be bended like bananas.  In order to save the cost of maintenance and the downtime, purchasing the right radiant tubes would be the most important thing for them. 

HU is one of the well-known heat-resistant alloys used for heat-treatment plants a lot.  This alloy could be used in the environment up to  2100 °F.  And the lifetime of our HU radiant tubes is over 5 years in average, but it is still based on how customer uses. 


In addition to HU, other heat-resistant alloys are listed below.

Heat-resistant alloys for radiant tubes



HD / SCH11

A297 HD / 1.4823

HE / SCH17

A297 HE

HF / SCH12

A297 HF

HH-2 / SCH13 A

A297 HH / 1.4837

HI / SCH18

A297 HI / 1.4846

HK / SCH21

A297 HK / 1.4848

HK-40 / SCH22

A351 HK-40

HL / SCH23

A297 HL


A297 HN

HP / SCH24

A297 HP / 1.4857

HT / SCH15

A297 HT

HU / SCH20

A297 HU / 1.4865


A297 HW


A297 HX




A351 CT15C / 1.4859

Others. Please send email to us to confirm 


The customized radiant tubes produced by centrifugal casting 

The outer diameter (OD) is > 50 mm

The thickness (T) is > 5 mm

1m~2 m is the length(L)we produce often 

The MOQ is based on the material and dimension you need

10~20 pcs of the radiant tubes is the usual batch for one order 

Spare (replacement) radiant tubes are manufactured by centrifugal casting technique at LAWAI INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION in Taiwan


For the last question - The cost of our radiant tubes for replacement or new equipment.

Custom radiant tubes are able to fit your equipment well.  Customers just need to provide us the related drawing and operating temperature.  We would suggest the suitable material and dimension based on the molds we have. 

The reasonable MOQ that is 10~20 pcs would not be the burden.  And in the normal condition, the average lifetime of our radiant tubes is 5 years.

Taiwan quality radiant tubes LAWAI produces is by centrifugal casting technique.  This is usual and cost-effective method to produce heat-resistant tubes.  The one-piece construction and solidification from outer to inner diameter makes the sound radiant tubes that are far different from the stereotype of the traditional casting. 

I know the brief introduction might not be enough.  If you still have other questions and the demands would like to discuss, please contact us via email.  Our sales team will be glad to serve you. 

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