• 2016-08-01

    What are the high value-added centrifugally cast products?

The average temperature of this summer has set the new high everywhere. This made us reflect what human beings have done for this beautiful planet?

Currently, we are experiencing the economic recession and trying to find out a way to break it through.  It is undoubtable that earning money is important.  But, it makes no sense that we only focus on money and ignore the whole people and species’ right to life. 
As a leading manufacturer of centrifugal casting in Taiwan, we are always thinking what the truly high value-added centrifugally cast products are? 
Centrifugally cast parts are suitable for being used to extract the natural resources because of the extreme strength and corrosion resistance.  However, it seems that it is not what we should do.  When extracting the natural resources, we have already destroyed the natural balance.  Due to the imbalance, many species changed the forms to live or have already vanished on the earth.  It is sad that we always recognize the severity after we encounter the harsh situation. 
LAWAI is continuing to transform our business model.  Not only using the upcycled materials but also taking serious to choose the working partners.  We do like to cooperate with the customers who regard themselves as the world citizens.  
When starting to design the new materials and products, the first thing we consider  is who is going to use that and how they use.  If we are not sure how our centrifugally cast products will be in the end, we’ll quit this idea and make a better one instead.  The high value-added products not only make profits but also maintain the original patterns of all living species.