• 2016-09-23

    Alfin rings manufactured by centrifugal casting connected with Aluminum pistons well?

台灣活塞耐磨環ALFIN RING工廠-龍吉宇精密股份有限公司

 LAWAI INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION produces ALFIN rings by centrifugal casting technique in Taiwan

The best ALFIN rings foundry in Taiwan is LAWAI INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION

We have built the business relationship with one of piston manufacturers with high reputation in Taiwan for several years. They place the order for our centrifugally cast alfin rings in regular every year since the quality of our centrifugally cast alfin rings is very stable.

The recent paper, the intermetallic bonding between a ring carrier and aluminum piston alloy published in 2015.  The results of that have shown there is a pretty good metallic bond formed between the aluminum piston alloy and austenitic cast iron which is the material for alfin rings. 

We’re happy that academia proved centrifugally cast alfin rings are connected with the aluminum pistons well.  Although the further research regarding the intermetallic bonding should be conducted, this paper presents us the introduction regarding the metal connection formed strongly and successfully between the material, Ni-resist and aluminum.


 In addition to ALFIN rings, other stainless steel rings are manufactured by centrifugal casting technique at LAWAI INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION

Basic knowledge of alfin rings:

 Alfin rings equal to Ring Carrier Piston Inserts and Groove Inserts

 Alfin rings are manufactured by centrifugal casting technique

 Alfin rings are made from Austenitic Cast Iron. The rings with high nickel percentage are resistant to 

  wear in particular

 Alfin rings are inserted in the grooves of pistons




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