• 2019-06-21

    Advantages of Ni-resist 1 centrifugal casting

LAWAI INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION produces Ni-resist 1 centrifugal casting

LAWAI INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION is producing Ni-resist 1 centrifugal casting

 Ni-resist 1 is one of the centrifugal casting materials.


What is the microstructure of Ni-resist 1?

What is the name derived from?

Ni-resist 1 is the alloy that belongs to austenitic cast iron.  Since nickel is the main alloying element, the stable austenitic structure is formed. The name’ Ni-resist is derived from sufficient nickel content.


What are the characteristics of Ni-resist 1?

Each alloying element plays different roles that makes the various characteristics of Ni-resist 1.

High amount nickel content of Ni-resist 1 improves the tensile strength and elongation

Suitable amount of chromium of Ni-resist 1 increases the strength and corrosion resistance at higher temperature. 

Copper of Ni-resist 1 also increases the ability of corrosion resistance.


The combination of various alloying elements to form the austenitic structure would make the Ni-resist 1 show the excellent abilities.

Ni-resist 1 is good to resist the corrosion of alkalis, sea water, acids and salt liquids.

Also, Ni-resist 1 presents the good performance at high temperature.

Superior wear-resistance is another characteristic of Ni-resist 1.  

 Alfin ring is one of the Ni-resist 1 centrifugal casting products manufactured at LAWAI INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION



The applications of Ni-resist 1 centrifugal casting?

Alfin ring ( pistin ring carrior ) is one of the well-known applications of Ni-resist 1 material.

Ni-resist 1 is regarded as the important material for alfin ring because of the characteristics of heat and wear resistance.  The Ni-resist 1 rings produced by centrifugal casting also matches the heat expansion of the pistons made by aluminum.  For the diesel engines, Ni-resist 1 is still used as the material for the ring inserts broadly.

The housings operated in higher and wear condition, it is also suitable for using Ni-resist 1 material manufactured by centrifugal casting,

For some activities in corrosive environment, the material of components of the equipment is able to select Ni-resist 1 centrifugal casting, too.


The microstructure of the Ni-resist 1 centrifugal casting manufactured at LAWAI INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION



Why should choose Ni-resist 1 components manufactured by centrifugal casting?

The most important reason of choosing Ni-resist 1 parts by centrifugal casting is the durability. The tubes manufactured by centrifugal casting is without pores and impurities.  In order to have the best performance of Ni-resist 1, we’ll need to use the special casting method to produce the components.  The method is centrifugal casting.

Centrifugal casting is the most economic way to produce symmetrical and cylindrical components. And the low quantity production is also possible by centrifugal casting.


Consider lower cost, longer lifetime, customer would choose Ni-resist 1 tubes or rings manufactured by centrifugal casting instead of other casting ways.


What is the price of Ni-resist 1 centrifugal casting?

Nickel is the important material to decide the price.  Since the nickel is the dominant element of Ni-resist 1 centrifugal casting, the price is much higher than grey or ductile cast iron.

Also, the Nickel price is not stable, the price of Ni-resist 1 centrifugal casting would be changed though time.  

However, Ni-resist 1 is one of the few alloys we have the stock.  Therefore, the prices of our Ni-resist 1 components manufactured by centrifugal casting at LAWAI will be reasonable.


What is the main reason that should work with LAWAI for the projects of Ni-resist 1 centrifugal casting?

In addition to 17-4PH, Ni-resist 1 is the material we manufacture very often.  We have worked with several customers for the development of Ni-resist 1 components for oil & gas industry in the past years.

Because our Ni-resist 1 centrifugal casting components were used successfully in harsh environment, we believe they will be applied well in other conditions, too.