• 2022-11-07

    Hollow cast iron tube manufacturer

 The cast iron tubes manufactured by centrifugal casting foundry, LAWAI INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION (Picture1: Hollow cast iron tube, Ni-resist 1 tube)


Cast iron tubes are able to be manufactured by centrifugal casting technique, however cast iron is not the regular material we produce. 

LAWAI manufactures stainless steel 300 series, 17-4PH and heat-resistant steel mainly.  Ni-resist 1 is one of the cast iron we produce a lot for tubes and rings only. 


Why we would like to talk about our cast iron tubes manufactured by centrifugal casting?  The reason is due to the misunderstanding of HS code when we import the tubes. 

Recently, our purchasing dept. imported the HPNb heat-resistant tubes in order to recommend this high grade material to our local customers.  However, our custom notified us the HS code we choose is not propriate.  They thought HPNb should be categorized into cast iron tube because all of tubes manufactured by casting method should be regarded as “ cast iron tube.”  

All of the tubes manufactured by casting method are “ cast iron tubes”? 

The answer is “ no” definitely. 

Cast iron is the material and the casting tube is produced by casting method.  Centrifugal casting tube is the casting tube and cast iron tube is one of the centrifugal casting product.

Fortunately, our custom accepted our explanation in the end and told us they learned the knowledge regarding casting tubes. 

(P.S. Due to the limitation of our product lines, we decided to import the materials we did not produce for the local market)


 Hollow cast iron tubes manufactured by centrifugal casting at LAWAI INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION(Picture2: Hollow cast iron tube, Ni-resist 1 tube packaging)


Hollow cast iron tubes by centrifugal casting 

At LAWAI, Ni-resist 1 and D-2M are cast iron materials we produce by centrifugal casting only.  We are sure that you are familiar with cast iron Ni-resist 1 if you are the fan of our blog.  Cast iron Ni-resist 1 is the material we produce very often.  In the past , ALFIN rings of cast iron Ni-resist 1 are our top products we supplied to the piston manufacturers.  However, our ALFIN rings are not competitive anymore due to the low price strategies of China and India now.  Our current ALFIN rings are supplied to our regular customers who need the ALFIN rings made in Taiwan. 

Although our prices of cast iron Ni-resist 1 rings are not competitive, our Ni-resist 1 centrifugally cast tubes are still very popular in the local and international markets. 

Our cast iron Ni-resist 1 tubes are ordered by American and European customers mainly.  The cast iron Ni-resist 1 tubes are used as the key components of oil gas drilling machines and cast iron Ni-resist 1 cylinder liners are as the spare parts for machine shops. 


D-2M is the ductile cast iron and we developed this material for one of our danish customers applied in pump industry. 

Unfortunately, D-2M is not the cast iron material used broadly in our local market.  Therefore, cast iron Ni-resist 1 is still the most important cast iron material we produce by centrifugal casting. 


If you have the demands of hollow cast iron tubes, please do not hesitate to contact us!


 The cast iron cylinder liners manufactured by centrifugal casting

(Picture3: Cast iron cylinder liner, Ni-resist 1 cylinder liner)



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